Post op - Two weeks!


Finally the day has come that showering is no longer a chore! I can finally enjoy my long showers again. Although I still have to sit down and take a shower but I'll slowly get to standing up to shower. Right now I can't stand up and lift my leg up to clean it so I still have to sit down while in the shower. Luckily I'm pretty flexible so I can just fold my leg on top of the other and wash it.

Today was also the first time I walked outside of my house. Didn't manage to walk very far as my back was still hurting a little but it is the furthest I've walked since my operation.

I'm definitely feeling much better now. My back doesn't ache as much and I don't get tired so easily anymore.

Cai Lin

PS: My hips are still numb, but it is slowly subsiding. 


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