Lower back pain

My first serious back pain was when I was 15 years old. I never knew lower back pain could be SO PAINFUL! If I remember correctly, my doctor said I sprained my back. I don't know how it happened. But I remember having to lay one side of my shoulder and head on the table when I was doing my final year exam. It was quite funny because the facilitator thought I was sleeping and kept coming over to wake me up till I told her that I hurt my back and half resting on the table helped ease the pain a lot.

I did a lot of physio, ice and heat treatment for the pain but it didn't help me much. Then I tried cupping. But instead of leaving the cups on my back, they put one cup, oil around my back and started pulling the cup up and down my back. It was HELL freaking painful! It was like having so many people pinch you up and down your back. The treatment was only about 5-10 minutes but it sure as hell felt like forever. I was so happy when it was over. My back was all bruised and swollen but I woke up the next day having a lot less pain. I had this treatment done many times after that. Not just for my back but my shoulders too. Honestly, I swear by cupping and wouldn't hesitate to do it over again. 👍

It has been a long time since I started to get lower back pain. I wouldn't say I suffer from lower back pain as it doesn't happen daily but there are days that it can get quite bad. There are certain movements or exercises that I can't do so those are the ones that I would avoid.

I usually get back pain when I walk/sit too much (even right now I'm having pain in my back 😓). I definitely cannot run far, and by far I mean anything more than 5km. Car rides can sometimes be unpleasant for me. This also depends on the car I'm in (what a brat of a  lower back right? Lol 😅). I can't carry heavy backpacks for long too. And heavy means, a laptop and a small bottle of water.

Exercise wise, I can't lift any weights that I have to carry on my shoulders. I definitely would love to do squats and deadlifts but every time I do it, my back will have it's revenge and want to kill me after that. A lot of the exercises I've done in the past and present have been modified so that it suits my body, I don't compensate more on one side and I train the weaker side of my body more.

With 20 more days to go, I'm hitting the gym again and trying to get my body into the best shape before my surgery. I'm slowly trying starting to cut down on fried chicken unhealthy food (it's pretty hard if you live in Malaysia and there's so much good food around! 😅) and going to bed early. I can do this! 👍

Cai Lin 


  1. Take care ma'am! You are such an inspiring woman

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