Post op Day 4


Finally took a shower! Wow, was that tiring. When did showering ever get so tiring? So glad to get my hair shampooed and cleaned. Didn't have anything left after that to brush my teeth and I had to quickly go back to my bed to lie down.

[On another brighter note, I'm not constipated anymore!!! It happened at 345am (yes, another ungodly hour) but who cares! As long as I'm not constipated anymore. Didn't feel that my tummy was 100% better but at least the discomfort slowly went away throughout the day.]

Felt a bit nausea after my shower so the nurse gave me some medicine to stop me from vomiting. My surgeon came in to see me around 830am and was really happy with the result of my x-ray! Honestly, I was really impressed by it too. My spine looks amazing!!! 😍

Yup! That's my spine before (65 degree thoracic) and after surgery.

My surgeon said that I could either be discharged on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how my tummy feels. The sound of the word 'discharge' sounded like music to my ears! Not that I was bored at the hospital, it's just that nothing is like being at home in your own bed.

Cai Lin


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