Post op Day 1


At the hospital, I usually start my day, or rather I have no choice, at 5am.

5am - A nurse will come and give me a couple of injections. I know one of them would be my antibiotics but I'm not sure what the rest were.

515am -  Another nurse comes in to takes blood pressure and give me a new set of clothes to wear.

530am - A nurse came to tell my sister to sponge me but don't roll me over as they will do that later after my sis is done sponging me.

6am - Someone came and took my blood.

715am - A group of nurses will come into the room and wake everyone up! At that time I'm just like 'please leave me alone'. But I must say that the nurses are a good and happy bunch. They are always so cheerful. They'll change everyone's bed sheet and make the beds and draw all the curtains before heading out again.

730am - A group of nurses came in, rolled me on my side and wiped my back. Felt a bit uncomfortable but wasn't in pain.

8am - Breakfast was served.

I had a bit to eat and then went back to bed. Was way too drowsy to know what was going on around me.

930am - After a while a team of doctors came in to check on me. They propped me up a bit more and advised me to not use so much morphine as I was looking really really sedated. They advised me to drink more water as well.

1020am - A team of anaesthetist came to check on me. They asked me how I was doing and what my level of pain was at. After that they changed my morphine machine cause they needed to send my current one for service.

11am - Got another shot of antibiotics.

Lunch came around 12pm. Was really happy that my appetite was really good and that I managed to eat some rice even though I had to put it in soup.

Kept falling in and out of sleep after that. In the evening, my tummy started to get bloated. I told the doctor and they said that I have a lot of bowel movement, which is good, but they weren't too sure why it was so active in there.

Fell asleep around 9pm and totally knocked out until about 3am the next morning.

Till my post on day 2!

Cai Lin

PS: This is a very detailed post about what happened at what time as my sister was with me and she recorded most of it down. 💕


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