Hospital check in

Friday, 5th of May. I woke up not feeling right. Next thing, I rushed to the toilet to throw up. What an experience just before I check into the hospital right? After that I got stuck in traffic for more than an hour.

Finally got to the hospital and got my registration done. The nurse said to have my breakfast first before I check into the ward. Didn't have much of an appetite still but I managed to eat a slice of toast. Went up to the ward and the nurses showed me to my 4 bedded room. After that they came back to brief me about the operation, visiting hours, who's going to be taking care of me after my operation, if I understood what the operation was about and took my blood. 

Green is the new color. NOT! Anyway, do you like my 'fruit juice box' toe socks?

It even has nutrition value at the 'back' of the 'box'!

Lunch came and I still didn't have any appetite to eat. Only ate 1/4 of the rice and a bit of cabbage. Somehow I was the only one freezing in the room. My other three roommates only had a jacket on but I had a jacket, long pants, socks and three blankets on. I think my lack of appetite made me feel colder as well. 

My surgeon came to see me later in the afternoon and did some markings on my back. He showed me how I should move my hands and ankles when they 'wake' me up halfway during the operation. I have to practise this so subconsciously I will know how to do it when they 'wake' me up. My operation will take around 4 hours. Estimated 12-14 screws from T-10 to L3/L4. Depending on my recovery, I will be in the hospital for about 3-7 days. 

After all my tests, the doctor said I could go home! Good news right? Nope. Because I came down with a fever after that. 😭 Went out for dinner with my family, quickly gobbled down my medication, went home, took a quick shower and went to bed. Woke up the next morning without a fever but a lingering headache. 

T-2 till my operation!

Cai Lin

PS: Won't be able to update my blog as often when I'm in the hospital but you can always follow me on Instagram for quicker updates/insta-stories. 


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