Post Op Day 8 -13

16/5/2017 - Day 8

Walking around the house a bit funnily cause of my groin pain. Still don't understand how I managed to pull my groin. Oh well!

Meals time are getting more enjoyable since I'm able to finish my meals in one sitting.

17/5/2017 - Day 9

Some of my friends came over to visit me. Had so much to catch up and laugh about. Although I had to lie down the whole time, but at least now I know that I am able to entertain my guests for about 3 hours compared to earlier on where it was only about 30 mins before I started to doze off.

18/5/2017 - Day 10

If you have every pulled your groin, you would know that it can be hell when you're sitting and standing up. Walk wasn't that big of a deal compared to sitting. Some times I'd get a bit stuck at the dining table because I'd be trying to find a suitable position to stand up without getting any pain. The pain I felt when I sat or stood up felt like I was getting electrocuted or something. But at least the pain is slowly getting better.

19/5/2017 - Day 11

Slowly shifting away from turtle speed! Lol. Not sure what speed I'm at now but it's most likely between turtle and my original speed. The right side of my back was really sore today. Put a hot pack on it and it felt so much better after that. My surgeon said that the pain will all be gone once my soft tissue is healed.

Come on soft tissues! Get your act together!

20/5/2017 - Day 12

Slowly but surely I'm getting better. The challenges I face everyday has lessen.

21/5/2017 - Day 13

My groin pain is totally gone! Such a relief to not have pain anymore. Got my sister to change the dressing on my wound after my shower. Took a picture of it and sent it to my surgeon. He said my wound is healing nicely. 😄

Cai Lin


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