Post op Day 2


Wesak day! It was also the day that the nurse walked into my room at 715am and announced that I was going to sit up today. I didn't feel too comfortable with the idea so I told her 'maybe later today' and she said 'nope, you're going to sit up now'. She literally came to my bed side, helped me roll over, positioned my arms and legs properly and said 'from now on you're going to get up like that okay? Now use your arms and push your body up!' I was surprised to find that I didn't have any energy to push myself up at all. My body felt like a dead weight and just didn't want to move but the nurse managed to get me to sit up and sitting up straight as a ruler I was!

I sat up real straight. Too stunned to move. I don't know if I was stunned cause the nurse got me up so fast or what it was. I was staring straight at my sis and her back at me and she kept asking if I was okay. I didn't know if I felt okay in this new body. It was too straight for my liking and I felt like my back was going to cramp up soon! I asked the nurse 'how long am I supposed to sit for?' 'Until you finish breakfast.' 'What time is breakfast?' '8am' 'What time is it now??' 'About 745am.' And she left. It was pretty funny cause my sister and I didn't really know what to do.

After a while, breakfast came. I only had a bit to eat as I wasn't too hungry and also cause my mum was on the way to the hospital with my food. My sister and I started playing monopoly deal while I was sitting up super straight and moving really slowly. Slowly because I was so afraid of pain. My mum walked into my room and got a shocked that I was sitting up! She said I looked really good and she's really happy with my progress. After having a bit more breakfast, I had to lie down already as my lower back was getting a bit sore. I rolled around in bed a few times 1) just to get the hang of it and 2) it was the only form of exercise I could do at that time.

By lunch time, I wanted to stand up. I told my sister to help me sit up first and then slowly got up. The feeling was amazing because I was suddenly so much taller than her! Both our eyes and my mum's eyes almost popped out! Lol. It was so funny that they burst out laughing. I had to control my laughter as it was painful to laugh. My back felt like it was going to tear open. We took pictures with each other and continued laughing.

After lunch, the nurse came to take out the catheter. My first toilet visit was a pain! Not that I was in pain but because everything had to be done so slowly that's why it was a pain.

Everything seemed perfectly fine and then it happened. My aneastatic wore off. As I was lying on my left, I slowly turned to lie on my back and suddenly both sides of my lower back cramped up. I didn't know what to do, my mum was on the phone outside my room and the panic button wasn't beside me. Luckily I had a friend in my ward who was visiting another patient as well, I told her to quickly get the doctor and my mother. The doctor came and asked me what happened and I said that it's really painful cause I can't do anything about the cramp except to lie on my back. The doctor couldn't do much about the cramping as well but she managed to calm me down and slowly the cramp went away. She reminded me to always leave the panic button near me and to call her again if I needed anything.

Finally night came, and it was time to rest. For some reason, I kept feeling like time is always standing still in the hospital. Or is it just me?

Cai Lin


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