Me? Running? Really?

Almost a year post op! Everything is looking and feeling awesome! Sorry I haven't been updating my blog. Been really busy at work as I'm learning so many new things!

For those of you who don't know, I started working full time since September last year. Got a job in a sports marketing company. Yup! Something to do with sports. My role is mainly to manage athletes. So many new things to learn for me right now as before this, I was the athlete and didn't know much about what goes on 'behind the scenes' but now I see everything. From approaching clients, to arranging photo/video shoots, to scouting for new talent, and the list goes on and on. It's been an amazing journey so far and little did I know that I've already been working for 8 months! No wonder I'm feeling like I'm in need of a vacation. Lol.

Back to my life post op, I haven't been doing much exercising since I stopped going for rehab last August. I do walk my dog twice a day everyday for about 30-60 mins but I'm sure that hardly counts as exercise. I've been trying to get some motivation to workout again since then but have yet to find any motivation. Is there such a thing as getting sick of exercising too much? For me yes. So......I finally exercised over the weekend! It happened only cause my sister asked if I wanted to join her and her team for a 5 km fun run this coming Sunday and without thinking, I said YES! After which I realized that I have never ran so much in my life before! Yup, not even during my swimming days did I run so much. Why? Because everywhere will start hurting when I run, especially my back. And that was a huge no no for me.

After I said yes then I jokingly told my friend to go running with me the next day at 7am. To my surprise, he took it seriously! There was no backing away from this now. Sunday morning came and I was out of my door by 7 am. My friend passed his Garmin watch and heart rate monitor to me and off we went! After 5 minutes into my run he told me that he set the watch to only record the distance while I'm running, so if I walk, it won't be recorded. WHAT! How am I suppose to run so far for the first time? And true enough, the running app on my phone and the Garmin watch were totally different!!!

Record from my phone (above) and from the watch (below).

See! I wasn't exaggerating right? But seriously, I was totally out of breath. By I'm glad I managed to do at least 4.4 km (or in Garmin's opinion - 3.71 km). Short of my initial 5 km plan but it's good start. Needless to say, the soreness slowly crept in and my thighs and hips were aching! BUT the good thing was, I HAD NO ISSUES WITH MY BACK!!! I'm so so happy about this. Never have I ever thought that I would be able to run without back pain and I did!!! Doesn't matter if I was walking around like a penguin later that day or the day after but I'm just super happy that I had no pain in my back!

Looks like that's my motivation right there! To more running days ahead!! 

Cai Lin 


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