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3.5 years post op

Time really flies. It's been 3 and a half years since my operation and 2 years and 2 months since I last blogged? My goodness.  I was supposed to have my check up in June but decided to postpone my appointment because of Covid. But little did I know that the cases now would be much higher than in June! I mean, no one could foresee that this uninvited guest would have stayed so long and ruin so many people's lives, right?  My drive to the hospital was a total breeze! The main rain heading towards the KL Hospital was close to empty at 8 in the morning! Got to the hospital and voila! parking on the ground floor instead of rounding and looking for parking from the 3rd floor upwards.  Everytime I come here I feel like I'm going for a cardio workout cause this hospital is HUGE!  It was my first time at a medical centre since Covid started and I must say that I'm really impressed with how well they implemented the SOPs! Everyone had to line up to get their temperature checked,