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Post op - 14 weeks!

Post op 14 weeks on the 14th of August. What are the odds? Lol. Anyway, really sorry I haven't been updating my blog as regularly as I used to or as I would like. I've been really busy the past two week because..*drum rolls*...I'm involved in the SEA Games!!!! No, of course I'm not swimming. Duh! I'm still doing my rehabilitation you know. But, I'll be part of the SEA Games as a media manager. Basically I'll be taking care of all the media at the aquatics stadium. The media used to call me to interview me, but now the tables have turned. The media is now calling me to ask me where they can interview the athletes. Lol. Some of them are even shocked that I'm the media manager now. Haha. At the main press centre @ MITEC yesterday. Finally got my accreditation card yesterday! But they spelled my name as Can Lin. 😞 Maybe they're also trying to say that I "Can, Lin". Get it? Get it? My duty starts tomorrow and it'll be crazy hectic

Opening up about body issues

I was so happy to get an email from Elle Malaysia to ask if I can write about body issues. It was suppose to be one of my blog posts but I guess they beat me to it XD You can read more about my article  HERE  ! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like me to write more about body issues/scoliosis/my rehabilitation. <3 Cai Lin