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Post op 6 months!

Post op 6 months! Wow time flies when you're enjoying life. But then again, my operation kinda feels like a life time ago as well. Lol So, lets recall back what happened in the last 6 months  I finally got my scoliosis operation done after putting it on hold for 12 years The first 2 months of recovery were really difficult The right side of my lumbar was so painful because they 'stretched' out my muscle after the operation My new best friend is my hot pack Some how I managed to pull my groin within the first month even though I was moving at  slower than turtle speed.   Everyday I felt little improvements in my recovery My swimsuits are a little tighter now (thank goodness not my pants that feels tighter! Lol) I 'grew' 4.5 cm!!! I'm really happy with my decision to have the operation and the results that I've gotten so far. And so, I present to you...*drum roll*... MY BATTLE SCAR!!!  A 10 inch long scar running from T10-L4 right