1 year anniversary!

1 year and 1 week ago since my scoliosis operation! Been really happy and grateful that my operation has been so successful and I don't have anymore back pain! Started exercising a little bit since my last posting. And guess what! No pain!

Just a little recap about myself and my operation for the new readers. First of all, I would like to make it clear that whatever I write here is based on my own experience. This blog started because I didn't find many scoliosis warriors sharing their own experience. A lot were case studies by doctors which didn't interest me because the doctor's aren't the ones in the patient's shoes. I needed more first hand information. Information from a warrior themselves. 

This was the first time I saw my back in a picture and also the first time
I came out openly to share that I have scoliosis.

So, about myself. I'm from Malaysia, a former national swimmer, Olympian and now working full time in the sports industry in Malaysia. I put my scoliosis operation on hold for 12 years as there were no doctors that could guarantee that I could make a comeback in swimming after my operation. After achieving everything that I wanted to in my swimming career did I finally go for my operation last year. It wasn't a difficult decision for me to make as I knew I wanted to have the operation now as my scoliosis was progressing, I had sharp or dull pain every other day and if I delayed my surgery any longer my recovery process wouldn't be as good compared to now. (Why? Age.) I used to hate getting my period then because my whole lower back will be so sore and achy and it just kept me in a bad mood the whole day. But since my operation, I have not had any back ache at all!!! I'm still so happy and a grateful for this. 

The hard part about operations is not the operation itself but the recovery period. I remember being in so much pain and on the third day in the hospital my back suddenly has a cramp! I couldn't bend forward to stretch out the cramp and the only thing I could do was cry. 

Recovering right after my operation. 

The easy part about recovery? Is you get to be a 'baby' once again. Haha. It was also pretty funny when my friends visited me and the look on their faces were priceless as I had 'grew' 4.5cm after my operation! Once upon a time I used to be 166cm but before my operation I was only 163.5cm. Yup scoliosis does that to you if it gets worst! 

To my 10 inch scar that made me part of the scoliosis warriors around the world!
To many more bikini and bareback days! Lol

Cai Lin 


  1. Thank you very much for your sharing! I'm from cheras, selangor. Having been diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14, I've always trying to shy away from any clothing or conversation that will reveal my back condition. Yet, throughout these years (18 years have passed since I first heard of the term scoliosis), I'm learning to be thankful and be brave to accept my body. I've been inspired by many scoliosis warriors, and you're one of them! By the way, I've just found out yesterday that princess Eugenie of York went through her scoliosis operation at the age of 12. She had boldly chosen to wear a wedding gown that didn't hide her scar. Keep going, all of us with scoliosis!!!


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