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Scoliosis sharing with My Doctors

Beginning of this year I was invited to be on a medical show called "My Doctors". Sound familiar? That's because "My Doctors" is adopted from the American talk show called "The Doctors"! "The Doctors" airs in the US, Canada Mexico and a few other countries. It is an hour long daytime program which is distributed in the US and globally as well. This program talks about health and medical issues and is hosted by a team of medical professionals. They usually invite guests or speakers or even celebrities onto the show to discuss various health-related topics and answer questions from viewers who are too shy to ask anyone, let alone their own doctors.  On set with Dr Liyana and Dr Zainal In episode 26 of My Doctors, I was interview by Dr Liyana, a clinical physician, and Dr Zainal, a surgeon specialist, regarding my scoliosis. What it's like to live with scoliosis, be a competitive athlete and training with scoliosis, how I manage my

1 year anniversary!

1 year and 1 week ago since my scoliosis operation! Been really happy and grateful that my operation has been so successful and I don't have anymore back pain! Started exercising a little bit since my last posting. And guess what! No pain! Just a little recap about myself and my operation for the new readers. First of all, I would like to make it clear that whatever I write here is based on my own experience. This blog started because I didn't find many scoliosis warriors sharing their own experience. A lot were case studies by doctors which didn't interest me because the doctor's aren't the ones in the patient's shoes. I needed more first hand information. Information from a warrior themselves.  This was the first time I saw my back in a picture and also the first time I came out openly to share that I have scoliosis. So, about myself. I'm from Malaysia, a former national swimmer, Olympian and now working full time in the sports industr

Me? Running? Really?

Almost a year post op! Everything is looking and feeling awesome! Sorry I haven't been updating my blog. Been really busy at work as I'm learning so many new things! For those of you who don't know, I started working full time since September last year. Got a job in a sports marketing company. Yup! Something to do with sports. My role is mainly to manage athletes. So many new things to learn for me right now as before this, I was the athlete and didn't know much about what goes on 'behind the scenes' but now I see everything. From approaching clients, to arranging photo/video shoots, to scouting for new talent, and the list goes on and on. It's been an amazing journey so far and little did I know that I've already been working for 8 months! No wonder I'm feeling like I'm in need of a vacation. Lol. Back to my life post op, I haven't been doing much  exercising since I stopped going for rehab last August. I do walk my dog twice a day ever