Post op - Three weeks!


I can't remember which blog I was reading but the blogger did mention about week 3 is where it all just gets much better and I could not agree more.

I'm starting to be more independent now and able to help out with some chores at home. Still not for long but it is definitely an improvement for me. I still get numbness in my hips but its definitely not as much as before. I'm sure it will all slowly go away.

I finally took off the dressing on my wound today. To be honest, it is pretty damn scary. Why? This is the first scar I'm having and I don't really like the look of it too much. I guess also cause it's all dried up and whatever I'm seeing now is the scab so it looks like a 10 inch black line running down my back.

Hopefully the Dermatix Ultra scar formula that my mum bought for me will work!

Cai Lin


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