Dear Mum

This post is specially dedicated to my scoliosis warrior mother.

Dear mum,

Thank you for taking care of me since the day you found out you were pregnant with me. But above all, I want to thank you for being my mother. 

You brought me home the day before mother's day. I didn't get you a gift for you but you said that me being home from the hospital was the greatest gift. On mother's day itself, you spent 6 hours in the kitchen cooking all my favourite food. Even with all you aches and pains you still managed to do so much for me and still go to work. 

Making milk for myself was the least I could have done for myself but you didn't even allow me to do that as you just wanted me to rest after my operation. There's no words that can describe how grateful I am to have a mother like you. Any kid that has you as a mum is truly blessed and I'm glad that I am that kid.

I don't know how you do it all but you are amazing! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

I love you mum.



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