Post op - 5 weeks!


Wow! 5 weeks since my operation already? I actually kinda lost track of time as I was just counting down till 4 weeks so I can eat whatever I want again. 😋 (For my non Asian readers, this is because I was having some sort of confinement after my operation. One of the few things that I wasn't allowed to eat was seafood and duck. And no, this wasn't recommended by my surgeon. It is a belief/practise that has been passed on by generations and my mum wanted me to follow it. Thank goodness I didn't have to strictly follow it. 😭)

I started driving this week and have been sitting up for much longer than usual. Was glad that I was able to attend my uncle's 90th birthday dinner too! I had a bit of discomfort while sitting down halfway through dinner so I rolled up the napkin and put it behind my back for a while to ease the discomfort. And yes, it worked!

I was also eager to go out and catch a movie but wasn't too sure if I could sit down for so long or if the seats would be comfortable enough for me. But! There's nothing you can't fix with a small pillow! Lol. Thought I looked a bit funny walking around a mall with my pillow and clutch in one arm but who cares! My comfort and health come first.

Really happy with the way things are recovering for me. I still do feel a little numb around my hips but there's really nothing that bothers me right now. My recovery is definitely going well. 😊

Cai Lin


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