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Since publicly telling people that I'm going for a scoliosis operation, a lot of people have told me to go for a second opinion and asked if I'm doing surgery for 'beauty' purposes. Here's what I have done in the past: I have seen 2 chiropractors, multiple physios, worn the SpineCor brace and seen 3 surgeons. The surgeon that is doing my operation is my 4th surgeon.

Of all the treatments, nothing has help solve my lower back pain or the progression of my curve. Wearing the brace didn't help because as a patient, you are to wear the brace for up to 20 hours. I spent around 7 hours training a day so there was no way the brace was going to work on me. The only treatment that worked for me was a stretching method called Active Isolated Stretching which is only offered by The Stretch Clinic here in Malaysia. (No I'm not promoting this because I used to work there but I worked there because the stretching helped me and I wanted to help people in return.)

The reason why I'm opting for the surgery now is because I've put my surgery on hold for the pass 12 years (mainly due to my swimming career) and because my scoliosis is progressing. Repeat, pro-gress-ing. My thoracic curve is around 40 and my lumbar at 68.

Eventually I would still have to get the operation done because my curve is progressing. Why now? Cause I'm younger, can recover faster and my curve can be corrected more compared to if I did the operation in 20 years time. 

The picture of me from the back (in my previous post) was the first time I've seen my back like this. To me it is pretty 'twisted' and a bit disheartening that it isn't 'normal'. But hey! Maybe that's why I can swim so fast and even qualify for two Olympic Games? Who knows! Haha. 

Cai Lin 


  1. Dear Cai Lin, you are very brave that you have decided to take on surgery to reduce your curve. May I know what is the reason that your curve is progressing? At your age, progression of your scoliosis should be minimal. And thank you very much for sharing your story. Each scoliosis patient surely have a different story. Take care

  2. DearDear Cai Lin...I also have a daughter with scoliosis. she diagnosed with scoliosis in 2015 and done her surgery by Oct 2015.
    I'm agree with you..doing now surgery ..may help you fast recovering..all the beat for you

  3. Not sure if you have heard of Dr. Ian Rossborough, I have seen many of his chiro videos on spine manipulation. But very sadly, he has been put into the media scrutiny for manipulating a baby's spine. Almost all of his Youtube videos have been removed since then, unfortunately. Maybe you can try to contact him?


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