One more month to go!

One more month left! 

Time passes by so fast. Sometimes I get a bit nervous about my operation but who wouldn't be nervous about such a big operation right? I've never gone under the knife before and I only know what it feels like to go under anaesthesia because I had to go for a scope as I had very bad gastric problems.

I've recently resigned from my job because I wanted to do a bit of travelling and also go for a few appoinments at the hospital before I get admitted. One of the tests that I had to do recently was a lung function test. This was a super fast and easy test. I just had to blow out into a spirometer a couple of times and I was done! This test is so the anaesthetist will know how much anaesthesia to give me during the operation. 

So here I am, in Bangkok on my first vacation before my operation letting Coldplay 'fix me'! 😂

Cai Lin 

PS: For my privacy, I will only mention where I'm doing my operation after I get discharged. 


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