There was an article about me recently on where they mentioned about my swimming and scoliosis. I read some of the comments and felt really touched that there are so many people supporting me. People also sent me messages on my Facebook and Instagram to ask me questions or to share their own personal experiences about scoliosis or about someone they know who has scoliosis or has been through the operation.

There was a particular post that stood out because this person was blaming the sports minister for not helping me out with my operation even after serving the country since 2002. I would like to point out that HE KNOWS about my operation. He can't directly help me because there are a lot of procedures/protocols to follow but he definitely knows what's going on. The people that I have to deal with directly are from the  National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Institution (NSI). If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be going for the operation because
1) I wouldn't be able to afford it and
2) My insurance doesn't cover anything to do with my back.

NSC and NSI has and have done a great deal for me when it came to planning and funding my operation. There were multiple meetings held and some where I had to sit in as well. The reason why so many meetings were held is because this is a HUGE operation. Initially I wanted to go to Prince Court because my doctor is there but the cost was way too high, so the doctors are the NSI had to look for other doctors. We finally agreed on my current doctor because
1) the pricing was reasonable,
2) I feel comfortable with this doctor and
3) He has a very good reputation.

So, to the person who said that the sports minister is not doing anything, I hope you do read this and not just bash YB KJ for not doing anything. 😎

Cai Lin


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