I can tie my shoelace!

Do you ever think about your back everyday? Not really? Yup, I'm like that, or rather, was like that too. I'll only think of my back when it's hurting or when I need to lift something heavy from the ground. Even stuff like bending over the sink to brush my teeth or bending down to tie my shoelace was never a big deal. And then my operation happened...

I could hardly move much after my operation. I felt like I had this huge flat board tied to my back and it was hard walking around with it. I had to use a mug to brush my teeth, couldn't do the dishes (cause even that slight bending forward would feel uncomfortable/painful), couldn't cut my toe nails, even coughing was a pain! Don't even talk about sneezing..that was just..HELL!!

But with every passing day, I felt a lot better. Slowly my flexibility started coming back and I had more range of motion. And one fine day...I could bend down to tie my shoelaces! 😂 It may sound very dramatic but trust me, once you have gone through a scoliosis operation you'll definitely treasure those moments when you can just flop down on the bed or tie your shoelace whenever and wherever it come undone or 'twisting' your back just to crack it. Okay, I don't miss twisting my back to crack it cause I don't feel the need to anymore. But you get my point!

I'm definitely a lot more mobile now and very cautious about what I do for fear of hurting my back. But I'm very happy and blessed that till this day, I've not had any back pain at all (excluding the time after my operation of course) and I'm able to walk a lot more than last time. 🙌🙏

Cai Lin


  1. how long does it takes for u to become flexible i.e. able to tie ur shoelace :D


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