Post op - 2 months!


Today marks two months since my operation. Everything is going really well. I started doing rehabilitation exercises slightly more than a week ago. Most of my exercises are with a theraband and it is just basic strengthening exercises. It was a bit difficult at the beginning as I haven't been exercising it got better everyday.

Below is another comparison picture before (left picture) and after (right picture) my surgery. Notice how the 'curve' on my right side is totally gone? Yup, even my abs are gone too.😅😅. Time to start putting the buns back to work!

Until today, I'm still really amazed that I don't have a rib cage hump anymore. I'm really really happy with my results. Now, I can be out and about the whole day without having the need to lie down or my back getting sore. I'm glad I did the surgery because I'm so happy with the results.

Everyone that has seen me after my operation said that I'm looking really well and straight now. (Which got me questioning myself if I really was that hunched before my operation? Hmm..) But nevertheless, it is a good comment/feedback for me.

To getting fitter and getting a job!

Cai Lin


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