Surgery..the best decision I've ever made!!

Post op 17 weeks

August was a crazy crazy month for me. I got a call asking me if I wanted to be a media manager for SEA Games and since I don't have a job I thought 'why not!' So, with no experience what so ever, I challenged myself and took on this role. After attending a few briefings before the SEA Games, I felt I was ready to for this job.

Before hand, I knew it was going to be long hours as I had to take care of four different aquatic sports. I was a bit worried that my back wouldn't be able to take it and was wondering if there was any where I could like down halfway through the day to rest my back or in case it started hurting. BUT...MY BACK DIDN'T HURT AT ALL!! My recovery process from the surgery has been nothing short of amazing. Some people who knew I went for the operation were even amazed that my recovery is going so well and that I'm able to walk up and down the pool the whole day!

Honestly, I  hate walking. I definitely do not walk more than I swim. I dare say that I barely even take 6,000 to 7,000 steps a day. But during my time as a media manager, I walked no less than 15,000 a day. The first few days were tough on my legs. It was very tiring as I've never had to walk so much everyday before. But after about 5 days I got used to all the walking and had no issues at all. Working from 8am to 10pm everyday wasn't a problem and I didn't even have to look for a place to lie down!

Surgery was definitely the best decision I've ever made. It was a tough decision, a tough recovery but it was definitely WORTH IT ALL!

Cai Lin

PS: This post is to share my experience as a scoliosis patient that has gone through surgery. Going for the surgery is entirely UP TO YOU. 


  1. Thank you for your amazing blog! So helpful for all adults with scoliosis trying to make a decision about surgery! Thank you from the bottom of my heart �� Linnea Sweden


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